How to Keep Your Brand Up-to-Date in the Digital Age

How to Keep Your Brand Up-to-Date in the Digital Age

Whether you’re prepared or not, the Digital Age of marketing is upon us. To avoid getting lost in the crowd, it is imperative to transition your brand into the digital world. Digiday “The Authority on Digital Media, Marketing and Advertising” published an article last week that explored the battle of brands to stay relevant and embrace digital. Here’s what we learned from their article:


Building relationships and keeping the customer as your main focus has always been key in traditional marketing and continues to be true in digital marketing as well.


Be flexible to try to new things. Don’t get lost in the printed collateral clutter. Make your presence known online and off.


No one is ever remembered for “playing it safe.” Sure, it might be a risk to try something out-of-the-ordinary —but all press is good press, right?


Don’t just make reports, read and learn from them. Listen to customer complaints and suggestions, then makes changes.


Digitial should be infused into all aspects of your brand, not just here and there.

How is your brand keeping up with the Digital Age? What advice can you share for being successful? We’d love to read your comments — post below!

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Click here to read Digiday’s article entitled, “5 Habits of Unsuccessful Brands in Digital.”

Customer Appreciation Provides ROI

Show Your Customers Some Love

If You Appreciate Them, They Will Appreciate You

I watch Mad Men. As a woman, I have to say that the sexism frequently pisses me off. However, there are some things about the way businesses operated in the 60s that I think we miss the mark on in today’s fast-past world. Back then, customer relationships were everything. Customer lunches and dinners were mainstays in doing business. Not so much anymore.

When was the last time you took your top customers out for lunch? If you’re like most companies today, it’s probably been a while…if ever. Most of us are so busy playing the role of air traffic controller to our email and sitting on calls and meetings that we rarely get out of the office to spend quality time with our customers. (And, BTW, meetings and calls don’t count as quality time.)

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Don't Be Lame On Linkedin Pomerantz Marketing

Don’t Be Lame on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn Profile Actually Does Matter

The first thing I do when a new business prospect, potential strategic partner or prospective employee crosses my path is check them out on LinkedIn. If their profile is lame, it provides me with good insight. If it’s a prospective client, it shows me that they need some help in this department. If it’s a strategic partner or prospective employee, it shows me that they don’t take their professional presence super seriously. So why should I take them seriously?

Maybe this is harsh, but the reality is that these days LinkedIn is the single most important place to showcase your professional presence. If you put little to no effort into your profile, it’s like showing up to a meeting with bedhead and rumpled clothes. Not a good look!

If you’re not one that likes writing a resume and tooting your own horn, hire a professional to help you. Our agency does an amazing amount of LinkedIn profile updates for our clients. We’ve got it down to a science. At any given time, we’re retooling the profiles for 10-15 people within an organization. Many of the companies we work with are realizing that their public facing staff’s LinkedIn profiles are as important as their corporate website. They are investing in making certain their team presents a professional, polished and consistent presence on LinkedIn. Sometimes we even hold “headshot parties” where we hire a photographer to come in and take headshots for a group of individuals within a company. After all, not only should your profile be buttoned up, so should your personal photo. Please, no photos of ex-girlfriends so obviously cut out! Invest in a decent headshot people!

Remember LinkedIn is your professional face to the world. Make it a good one.

Need help retooling your LinkedIn profile or the profiles of your team? Feel free to reach out to me at or 410.216.9447 x 106.