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Cloud, schmoud. What’s so great about cloud computing?

A recent poll of 262 IT and business professionals in the Mid-Atlantic region provided some interesting insight into their perception of cloud computing.

Flexible and affordable.

These are the top reasons why the cloud is so appealing. It allows users to pay for what they need, when they need it. It also enables them to mix and match the solutions they are seeking and leverage just the right amount. Businesses like the cloud because of unbeatable scalability and pricing.

Agile and secure.

These factors were next in line. Respondents believe that cloud-based solutions are extremely agile and enable them to accomplish their goals efficiently. They also believe that the technology has evolved to the level that it is extremely secure as long as you’re using a reputable provider.

What bandwidth issue?

IT people in our survey love that cloud computing lets enterprises use resources as if they are local. They’re able to use storage and runtime resources as if they exist within their data center, something that was difficult just a few years ago.

Coolness in the cloud.

Respondents think there are a lot of very cool cloud computing providers out there and more to come.

They see the downsides, sort of.

Like all things in life have two sides, the cloud also has its downsides. Availability was identified as the biggest concern from our respondents, over security concerns.

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