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2011 Tech Wish List

What are some of the 2011 Techie Must-Haves?

We’ve done some digging and compiled a list of what we think most IT professionals are lusting for this holiday season.

Introducing: Seagate’s new and improved 3 TB external drive. Say goodbye to the 1 GB hard drive, it’s old news. Seagate has recently introduced a 3 TERAbyte (yes, TERA) external drive. This drive is the first of its kind and it is available for only $250…This is a definite 2011 Techie Must-Have.

‘Tis the season to get a tablet. Though tablets are still relatively new to the tech world, they are certainly making an impact. Tablets can be used as a compliment to the ubiquitous smartphone and many predict that it will become faster and able to store even more information.

Find those perfect shades of red and green. For the techie who has it all, the Pantone Capsure is the perfect gift. This color reader grabs hues from the desired color surface and matches them to one of the 8,000 Pantone library colors.

The pen of the future. Imagine storing up to 100 pages of documents inside your pen…That’s right, that thing you use to write down your to-do lists. This gadget also enables its holder to wirelessly send documents. Scan your information with one sweep across the page and voila, it is stored inside the Planon Docupen X50 and ready to be shared.

New Years Resolution: Get organized. The USB port, “Hubman,” is a great way to organize desktop gadgets. Hubman can plug in up to four USB’s at once and can help get rid of that tangled clump of wires behind your computer.

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