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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Social Media

A recent poll asked 123 IT consumers if social mediums influence their purchase decisions. The response: An overwhelming, “Yes.” Read on to learn why social media is something that consumers consider worthwhile

Emergence of new evangelists. Consumers value peer reviews, and social media provides a platform for this sort of communication. New experts are able to voice their opinions about products and services and let their prophecies be heard.

Newspapers are so yesterday. People no longer cut out deals and product news from the Sunday morning paper, they create “favorites” tabs on their internet browser. The internet is the new newspaper clipping. Consumers use these virtual clippings as ways to collect interesting and important information.

Hit the blogosphere. Blogs have become an important part of the average consumer’s everyday life. These portals of information feature the opinions of real people, and consumers feel like these peer-broadcasted opinions are genuine. With blogs, there is no hidden agenda, and this facilitates trusting relationships.

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The notorious “Like” button on Facebook has certainly made its mark in the social media sphere and has enabled consumers to show their interest in certain products, services and ideas. This provides an outlet for peer-to-peer interaction and helps track trends.

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