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Why IT people hate most websites

A recent poll of 262 IT and business professionals in the Mid-Atlantic region identified the Top 5 things that irk them about technology-related websites:

1. Too much fluff. They think most technology-related websites make too many expansive performance claims and don’t include enough specifics on how things work.

2. Instant gratification. They dislike having to dig deep to find adequate information about technical specifications and system requirements. They want to know how things work!

3. Not enough proof. They want evidence that the technology works and that it’s better than what else is available. They like things like competitor charts with features and benefits. They also like white papers with hard data.

4. No demos. It annoys them to be required to fill out a form to request a demo and then be harassed by a sales person. They want to see a demo first and then decide if they want more information.

5. Too hard to see the benefits. Tell them straight up how the technology will make their life easier. Will it help them sleep better at night? Will it reduce their workload? They want to know what’s in it for them right upfront.

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