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Pom Perspective: Targeting C-Level Executives?

Spend More, Personalize and Optimize

IT Insider polled 47 C-Level executives in technology companies throughout the Mid-Atlantic region to find out how to capture their attention in today’s information overload world. Here’s a recap of the findings and tips on how to get in front of these tough-to-reach prospects:

Get past the assistants: All of the C-level execs surveyed said that they rely heavily on their assistants to parse through the deluge of communication that comes their way. Consider sending two pieces of collateral — one targeted to the assistant and the other to the executive.

Do your homework: To standout with C-suite executives, you have to fully understand their roles, responsibilities and concerns. The C-level execs surveyed said this is where most people miss the mark. To get their attention, make sure you do your homework and understand their business enough to truly know if your product will fulfill their needs.

Be hyper personal: Generic mailings like postcards and letters result in a one-way ticket to the recycle bin when it comes to the C-suite. Use dimensional mailers — something that isn’t flat, like a box or tube — that are more eye-catching and hard to ignore.  Incorporate personalized URLs that drive them to a personal landing page.

Be a thought leader: CEOs surveyed say that they rely heavily on word-of-mouth (WOM) recommendations via their network of other CEOs. Leveraging personalized and peer-to-peer marketing opportunities in combination is the most effective path to influencing the influential. Often, WOM is spurred by thought leadership — truly outstanding and provocative content packaged and distributed through direct channels, webinars, conference events, speaking engagements and so on.

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