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Pom Perspective: Getting Your Inactive Email Audience Members Back in the Game

When was the last time you reviewed your email audience list for inactive subscribers? If you have idle audience members and haven’t made an effort to reach out to them with a re-engagement campaign, you may be missing out on an opportunity to get them back in the game.

So how do you launch a re-engagement campaign?

Define what ‘Inactive’ means: Depending on the frequency of your emails, inactive can mean difference things to different folks. You’ll need to review your audience list and identify members who have not taken action (open/click/convert) in a specified period of time. A typical inactive time-period is the past three to six months.

Create an opportunity for action: When attempting to re-engage an inactive audience member, your primary objective should not be to sell them something. Instead, consider alternative ways for them to take action. Ask them to participate in a survey to find out what is top of mind – what do they think or want to hear. While you have their attention, be sure to ask them how often they’d like to hear from you and if they’re still interested in receiving emails from you at all.

Remind them why they wanted to hear from you in the first place: Cite the values and benefits they receive just by being an active member of your audience. What will they learn? What will they get? There has to be something in it for them to keep your audience members coming back for more.

Remember to say Thank You: Once an audience member decides that they want to hear from you (or not) remember thank them for their time. Consider sending a re-engaged audience member some form of compensation for sticking with you: whitepapers, articles, discounts. If your inactive audience member decides to opt-out completely, say thank you and let them know that you’ll remove them from your list (and be sure to do it)!

Go get ‘em!

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