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Pomerantz Selected Agency of Record by Main Ingredient

The Pomerantz Agency, an Annapolis, Maryland-based, full-service marketing firm, announced today that they have been named Agency of Record by Main Ingredient, the premier restaurant, bakery and catering service in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County.

In business for over 20 years, Main Ingredient is a well-recognized and highly respected business in the community and in the industry, known best for its quality of food and service. Over the last several years, Main Ingredient has experienced significant growth due to relationships with Hospice of Chesapeake, The University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business, U.S. Naval Academy Athletic Association, Johns Hopkins University, U.S. Naval Academy Foundation and the Chesapeake Bayhawks. They realize it is time to evolve their brand so that it reflects who they now are as a company.

“The Main Ingredient has grown rapidly in recent years, and we know that we need a strategic approach to marketing,” said Main Ingredient’s Vice President, Evie Turner. “We needed an agency that could come in and really wrap their heads around our business and goals. Pomerantz is very business-minded in their marketing approach.”

“We have been next door to Main Ingredient for years and have always enjoyed their food,” said President and Creative Director of Pomerantz, Kathy Floam-Greenspan. “We are thrilled to be helping them take their marketing presence to the next level because they are such an impressive organization.”

Pomerantz will be launching a new logo for Main Ingredient as well as website and supporting marketing materials. The launch will take place in early 2013. Pomerantz will also be helping to brand and launch a new division of Main Ingredient that specializes in contractual catering services. This launch will take place in Spring 2013.

 About Main Ingredient

The Main Ingredient is a local favorite in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County and well known for their award-winning food in their café, bakery and catering. For more information, visit

 About The Pomerantz Agency

Pomerantz is a full-service marketing agency based in Annapolis, Maryland. Their clients are regional, national and global companies that are serious about transforming their websites into powerful marketing machines. Using an insight-driven approach, Pomerantz’ team of business-minded creative professionals wraps their heads around their clients’ businesses, the unique challenges they face and the goals they want to achieve and finds the most effective way to bring brands to life online and offline: clearly, simply, effectively. For more information, visit

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