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Chickens on West Street?!

While dining at Lemongrass (the local Thai restaurant) last week, I noticed a unique addition to their property: a large white chick stood probably five feet tall on the lawn next to the restaurant. My friends and I chuckled at the site of it and were slightly curious to know the meaning and purpose behind it.

We were immediately reminded of “PandaMania” an art exhibit in Washington D.C. during the summer of 2004 that featured large, uniquely painted Pandas across the Nation’s Capital. I remember these fondly after a visit I made that summer.

But chickens…in Annapolis? Could it be?

Our interest was piqued. And just a few days later, Annapolis Patch confirmed our suspicions when I noticed this tweet:

After reading the article, I learned that we might start seeing a lot more of these chickens on West Street. The statues are part of an art initiative entitled “Hatching the Arts in Annapolis.” The 250-pound ceramic chickens will not stay white but will be decorated by local artists and school programs.

As of Friday, the Lemongrass Chicken began its transformation. Be sure to check out the finished product next time you’re driving down West!

Out-of-home advertisements like this have truly become a trend. Many cities have launched a similar effort of animal statues. For example, Pittsburgh, PA, known for the Steelers and its many bridges, has dinosaurs. They call it “Dinomite Days.”

Here’s one of my favorites, featured outside of the iconic PPG tower:

Melanie, our designer, shared this lovely work (below), created by one of her professors at Anderson University in South Carolina. The campaign was entitled “Hooked on the Arts,” and promoted the artwork of local artists who joined together to create unique fish designs that were featured all over town. This one is still hanging in the Anderson Arts Center.


Tell us your thoughts about the invasion of these chickens upon our fair city. Excited to see more of them in Annapolis? If your hometown had a similar campaign, we’d love to see pictures!

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