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Creating a new website from scratch can be a bit overwhelming. Thinking about the design, wireframe, content, colors, images is enough to make any non-tech person’s head spin! But from POM’s perspective, getting to create a new website is one of our favorite things to do.

It is a treat for us to look at an outdated site and start brainstorming (more like daydreaming) about all the fun, innovative stuff we can pack into the new website.

Lately, I found myself researching applications for a local bakery. I thought,

“Hey, wouldn’t it be cool for customers to be able to build their cake virtually on the bakery’s website before they order?”

This led to some exciting, mouth-watering research. Here’s what I found:

First I found a juvenile version of what I had envisioned from Highlights Kids, a creative, educational site for kids. OK—so it’s not exactly…professional, but it was a great start.


Next, I came across an Australian bakery that lets you design your own cake. Their specialty is to bake an image on the top of your cake. You can either choose from a preloaded library, or upload your own. A fun idea, but not as interactive as I had hoped.


My last find was found on It is an interactive way to play around with your wedding cake design. Even though this was a little more extravagant than we needed for the bakery’s everyday usage, it was another fun example to play with.


Now it’s time to make your own cake creations. Let us know what you think and which applications are your favorite—mention us @Pomagency on Twitter or write on our Facebook wall.


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