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Google+…are YOU still using it?

Maybe a better question would be “have you ever used it?” Google+ is a year old this summer. I remember learning about it last summer and signing up immediately, mainly just to say that I had a Google+ page. Since then, I’ve been adding friends and family to my circles, although I’m not really sure why since none of them seem to be posting.

While its sleek design may be more visually appealing than Facebook, it has yet to come close to bumping Facebook from its #1 position of social media stardom.  But maybe that is because Google has clearly stated that Google+ is not a social media site. Confused? Me too. (Read more here)

Whether or not my friends or I are using Google+, it definitely hasn’t fallen off the radar yet.

Here’s some of the latest news:

Google+ as a Business Page

I found this article entitled, “Brands Flock To Google+ But Facebook, Twitter Still More Active” from to be of particular interest. Author, Robert Hof asks, “So why are most brands now on Google+ even though their fans aren’t yet there in big numbers? A key reason is that merely being there appears to help brands show up more prominently in search results.”

Let’s face it; anything free to help your company’s SEO is not a bad thing. So while my friends and I are not really using Google+ socially, companies are using it to increase their web presence. I mean that’s why Pom has a Google+ page.

Why I love Google+

Have you ever tried Skype with more than one other person? It’s not fun. At least in my experience, the quality is always unimpressive and I’m repeatedly disappointed.

Google Hangouts, which originated as solely a Google+ feature, has now expanded into the Gmail chat as well. Not only is Google Hangouts easy to use (and if you already have a Gmail account you don’t need yet another login username and password) but it is also FUN. The main image seamlessly transfers from one user to another, whoever is speaking, and you have the ability to virtually try on fun hats, tiaras, cat ears or facial hair. Seriously, it’s great—give it a try today!

Are you using Google+ for your personal usage, business or both? Share your feedback with us. 

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