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For some time now, we’ve been looking for an online application that could help our web team efficiently collaborate on website content development – without the paper trail. After coming across GatherContent– we are saying “so long!” to the multiple versions of Word documents and email attachments that we have become all too familiar with.

When GatherContent started out as a beta site in 2011, Pomerantz was one of 500 companies that got to work within the application prior to its launch. Immediately, we realized that this could be life-changing for us! Faced with the same issues we found ourselves facing (chaotic content), the founders of GatherContent set forth to build an application that would help create harmony for content developers.

If you’ve ever created a website from scratch or worked on a website redesign, you understand that the development of your website’s content can be the most difficult part of the process. Typically there are more than a few team members working on the writing and review process together. Trying to keep the most up-to-date content organized and clearly labeled can be very challenging. With GatherContent, it’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 (click here for a 2-minute video overview).

1. Start a new project


2. Add pages (individually or in bulk if you already have a sitemap)


3. Build your page structure and begin adding content. Once content has been added, you can begin to collaborate with the team.


After just recently launching as a paid application, we see the value and are hooked. Not only that, but it syncs up with our project management tool Basecamp as well as exports directly into your content management system (currently WordPress or Drupal).

What tools do you use for web content development? After watching the video, are you ready to sign up for GatherContent?

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