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Culture Feature: The Great Gatsby

Our Graphic Designer shared her book of choice from the summer with us.

Watching the trailer for the upcoming remake of The Great Gatsby has left me with two impressions:

  1. New York during the Art Deco Period? Yes please!
  2. Wow, I can’t believe I’ve never read the book!

So, I set out to read The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, during my family vacation to Key West. Not the most relaxing beach book, you say? Perhaps not, but I couldn’t put it down. After finishing the book, we had a lively discussion of it over lunch at the office. Which included a recommendation to watch Midnight in Paris (2011), and questions about my feeling towards the Gatsby character.

I answered that no, I didn’t find Gatsby to be dislikable, but rather felt both admiration and pity for the character. His rags-to-riches mentality is the classic tale of the American dream: to change one’s destiny through hard work, sheer luck, or perhaps for some by some more sinister means. Seems a particularly fitting theme for these days of economic uncertainty and young technology tycoons.

My pity comes from the perception that though this great man seemingly had everything one could want, he was still quite alone and dissatisfied. Even more tragic, of course, was his death after losing forever the one thing he so desperately wanted—Daisy. In the end, he took the fall to save her, however accidental that sacrifice may have been on his part. Dying alone and unloved is far from a romantic ending, but perhaps it should be taken as a warning to pursue the things in life that bring true happiness.

What’s your take on the Gatsby character? Are you excited for Baz Luhrmann’s new film version to release next summer? Click here to view the trailer. While the film was originally scheduled to release this December, it has now been pushed to Summer 2013. Read more here.

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