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iPhone 5 Release & Rumors

That image pretty much says it all. Yes, the rumors are TRUE. Looks like the iPhone 5 will be announced on Wednesday, September 12 at 10AM (PT) in San Francisco at the Apple keynote address. Rumors have been forming for the 5 ever since the iPhone 4 was released in 2010. Apple lovers are hoping for a device that will closely rival the Droid devices (specifically the Samsung Galaxy S3) that seemed to have [technically speaking] pulled ahead in the smartphone race. The launch of the iPhone 5 comes with must anticipation of new features, design, technology and size.

Here are the top rumors surrounding the iPhone 5:

  • Larger 4” display screen
  • Thinner device
  • New smaller charger/USB connector
  • 4G!
  • Longer battery life
  • New material (no more of that shattering glass)
  • [Most recent] new earphones

Finally check out this VIDEO of the possible leaked iPhone 5 prototype. Fascinating stuff.

Are you planning to upgrade to the new iPhone 5? What features are you most excited about?

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