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iPhone 5: What’s all the hype about?

Two days ago,  Apple announced the iPhone 5 in California at their keynote address. Thousands of us were glued to our computer screens as attendees tweeted, posted pictures or spoke of the announcements that Apple executives were making. Before our very eyes, we saw the truth behind the leaked prototypes emerge. This is what we’ve been waiting for…so is it what we had hoped for?

The reviews have been mixed. It’s been interesting to read through some of the headlines at the top of my Google search for “iPhone 5.” Some are quite negative. Others simply state facts or attempt to help consumers be more informed.

Here are some top headlines I found:

Apple iPhone 5–evolutionary, not revolutionary (CNET)
Is the iPhone 5 disappointing? (BGR)
iPhone 5: The uncomfortable truth that we’ll refuse to accept (Tech2)

iPhone 5 set to become best-selling gadget in history (Sydney Morning Herald)
The iPhone 5 and LTE _ what it means for you (Boston Globe)
iPhone 5’s superior design is Apple’s breakthrough (Chicago Sun Times)
Apple’s iPhone 5: Mixed industry reactions but consumers love it (Computerworld)

That last headline from Computerworld is my favorite. Anything that Apple does amazes me. So my first impression was, “WOW.” But after closer examination and reading some reviews, I must agree that there actually wasn’t too much “WOW” in the announcement after all. That hasn’t stopped my co-workers and thousands of others who caused the iPhone 5 preorder stock to sellout in just 60 minutes.


So what has changed since the iPhone 4S?

So, what’s your opinion? Were you one of the first to place your order of the new iPhone? Or are you a skeptic and want to see more changes before you invest in another Apple mobile device? Share your comments below!

4 Responses to “iPhone 5: What’s all the hype about?”

  1. Pomerantz says:

    Luke–I haven’t read those yet. Those are great resources, thanks for sharing!

  2. Pom - Mel says:

    Luke, thanks for the response!

    Those articles are great – giving a professional perspective, rather than purely from the consumer’s point of view. I would agree that Apple has spoiled us with their delivery in the past, making us ever-eager for a quick turnaround on the next new, shiny product. The author of the TechCrunch article (I love his illustration of the movie The Prestige – a personal favorite) when he says “Apple is smart enough to know that in this case, most people don’t really want change, they just think that they do because that’s the easiest way to perceive value: visual newness.” Key phrase = visual newness.

  3. Luke says:

    The Nokia Lumia 920 is the opposite. It’s a BANG product launch with a bold new industrial design, bigger and denser screen, wireless charging, optical image stabilization — industry mainstream firsts in many cases. But should we trust them? As Siegler points out,

    [Apple are] the only ones photographing their assembly process with 29 megapixel cameras to ensure that a machine picks the exact inlet from 725 unique cuts. They’re the only ones who spend three years working on earphones. They’re the only ones who would go out of their way to try to re-design a device to look and act similar even though the bulk of it has largely changed.

    And then we see today that Apple’s entire initial preorder allotment sold in under 1 hour. Does Apple have to innovate in order to still make money hand-over-fist? Well, presumably, yes. Because once we have it in-hand, we are delighted. And they continue to delight us. And we’ll keep buying as long as they keep doing… and it doesn’t have to look different to be amazing.

    As Wired pointed out this week — with the best headline so far — “The iPhone 5 Is Completely Amazing and Utterly Boring”

    As for me… well, I ordered two black ones at 6am this morning.

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