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Social Media at Fashion Week

Spring 2013 is right around the corner…well, at least for the fashion industry.

This month has been filled fashion across the globe, starting with New York (Sept. 6-13), then London (Sept. 14-18), ending yesterday in Milan (Sept 19-25) and wrapping up in Paris this week (Sept. 25-Oct. 3). Like with any big event this year, we’ve been seeing quite an increase in social media buzz (we saw this explode with the London Olympics). Looks like fashion is no exception.

Here’s an infographic on the social media usage during New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

Click the image to view the full infographic


Following NYFW, there was some negativity over the tweets. Refinery29 published an article entitled, Has Social Media Ruined NYFW? Weigh Tweet In. Instead of critical reveiws being thoughtful and original, they were simply mass-produced and reused. People are posting now to gain attention and more followers rather than presenting intelligently on the subject.

The Toronto Sun published a different viewpoint of the social media surge in London. The retail clothing chain, Topshop, saw a huge gain by live-streaming the London fashion show.

Most importantly, Topshop were able to see a direct impact from their social media coverage as people streaming online were able to immediately purchase the looks on the runway. Numerous items, including a dress that was the first outfit on the catwalk, sold out even before the show was over.

While social media might be altering the integrity of the industry critics, it sure doesn’t seem to be hurting the sales!

What’s your opinion? Were you following the FW tweets? Do you think social media is hurting the fashion industry? Share your response below!

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