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Five TIPS for Improving Your LinkedIn Profile


When was the last time you took a look at your personal LinkedIn profile? If you’re not in the job hunt then chances are your profile is quite out of shape. Even if you’re not looking for a job, there are still plenty of reasons for your clients, coworkers or boss to visit your profile. Avoid the embarrassment and start updating! Here are some easy ways to start improving your LinkedIn profile:

1. Update your photo

This is the quickest and easiest way to visually improve your profile. Make sure the image you choose is professional and recent. Here is a helpful article on how to select a LinkedIn profile picture.

2. Add a job description

On your resume, you can’t get away with just listing a job title, so don’t try to do that on LinkedIn either. Compile a few bullet points that highlight your main responsibilities and experience.

3. Ask for recommendations

When you add recommendations to your current or past jobs, you have built in references for your work. LinkedIn makes this process very simple and pain free. If you ask for a recommendation, it’s nice to repay the favor and write one in return!

4. Add past jobs and education

  • Applying for a job in your hometown? Add your high school.
  • Just graduated from college? List your campus involvement and activities.

You never know how you might connect with a potential client or future employer through past connections

5. Write a summary

Think of this as a “job description” of your career. Write a paragraph or use bullet points to highlight your specific skills and specialties. Highlight the industries you’ve worked with and talk about your passion. This is your chance to shine!

What did you find most beneficial about these tips? Do you have other helpful LinkedIn advice to share? Post your comments below!

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