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Learning Google Analytics

Do you have a website? Then you better have analytics in place. Google Analytics is by far the best choice when it comes to affordable, reliable data.

With that said, just adding the tracking script to your website isn’t going to automatically make people visit your site or enhance the performance. When collecting data, it’s all about how you analyze it, move forward and work on improvements. Like we mentioned a few weeks back, web design and implementation is constantly changing and new, better features are being introduced. Websites will always be changing, and any good website should never stop changing and improving. One of your biggest online allies is learning to understand and analyze your data.

If you’re a total novice to Google Analytics, just want to learn more about it or hoping to get certified, there is a library of free videos, Google Analytics IQ Lessons that Google has published. They take you, step by step, through some of the most important and useful aspects of Google Analytics. To get certified, you can sign up to take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) test. It’s $50 and there are tons of resources online to help you study for the exam.

Search Engine Watch published an article yesterday on the “4 Google Analytics Features You Probably Haven’t Used.”

Their list includes:

  1. Page Speed
  2. In-Page Analytics
  3. The Network Report (AKA Reverse IP Lookup)
  4. Visualize with Motion Charts.

Since I do a lot of work with social media, I am constantly using Google Analytics URL Builder to help me tag my URLs. It is such an easy and useful way to see who is actually interacting with your social media pages and visiting your website.

So what are your Google Analytics tips? How do you use your data to improve your online presence? We’d love to hear from you–post your comments below!

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