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How to Create a Targeted Campaign

Trying to engage and win over prospective clients is always a challenge. You might be the kind of company that runs continual campaigns and events to gain new business. Or you might be a small business that is so overwhelmed that you may not even know where to start. Whether big or small, here are some tips to help you learn the art of hyper targeting.


  • Focus on a highly targeted group of companies/individuals.
  • Create a campaign that highlights an area of excellence for you.
  • Target niche segments you have expertise in.
  • Find your sweet spot—you need to have a right to win.


  • Demonstrate how your agency or company works rather than just results.
  • Display immediate value to the prospect.
  • Be relevant and stay focused.
  • Check out the competition.


  • Don’t expect immediate results; relationships take time.
  • Reporting must always be a key aspect of any campaign.
  • Always keep track of what works and what doesn’t.
  • Adapt your program based on your findings, and be open to change.

These tips were gleaned from a webinar I attended last week entitled, Hyper Targeting Q4 Agency New Business, sponsored by The List.

Also, don’t forget about using LinkedIn to directly connect with prospects. Here some tips to help improve your profile.

Share your tips for targeting new business. How do you engage and build relationships with prospects? Post your comments below!

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