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6 Quick Tips to Enhance your Social Media Marketing

1. Add social share buttons to the end of your blog posts
Make it easy for others to share your content with others. Scroll to the end of this post for an example.

2. Want others to share your content easily through Twitter?
Try Whoever clicks the link will have your customized tweet added automatically to their Twitter status box.

3. Post images anytime you can
Users are way more likely to notice and interact with posts that have a visual component.

4. Create custom YouTube thumbnails
Videos can be a great SEO boost for your company/product. Upload a custom thumbnail that let’s people know what they will find in your video.

5. Run a Facebook ad
Help drive your target audience to your Facebook page. If you’re selling something, make sure to offer a deal. Don’t forget to use images!

6. Quick networking through LinkedIn
Have LinkedIn import your contacts from Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. to make quick & easy connections.

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