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How to Utilize LinkedIn Groups for Lead Generation

Join LinkedIn groups.
Start by finding groups that are relevant to your industry and business, whether local or global.

Begin by listening.
Find out what the group environment is like to see how others post/respond/interact with the group.

Start the conversation by posting an introduction about your company and yourself.
Act as if you are meeting these members face-to-face. Be friendly and approachable but don’t try to sell anyone anything upfront.

Establish yourself as a helpful authority.
Share things that are valuable to the group. Answer questions or offer assistance when members ask. By doing this, you will be recognized as a helpful resource and other members will begin to build trust with you and your company.

Expand your relationships beyond the group page.
As you meet new people through LinkedIn groups, ask them to be a Connection. This will help expand your online reach and create new business opportunities.

Stay active.
Continue to post regularly. To make an impact and become a recognized group member, make a point to check in on group updates. This is more easily accomplished if you dedicate your time to a small number of groups that are most relevant to your line of business.


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