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Marketing Insights: April 2013

Most people have at least one friendship that is one-sided. When you get together with this friend, all they want to do is talk about themselves. You’re lucky if they get around to asking how you are doing. It can be really frustrating.

The ironic thing is that this same one-sided dialog is practically the norm when it comes to marketing communications in today’s business world. Pull up your company’s website and take a look. Chances are, it’s all about how wonderful your company is and everything you do with little regard to the customers you serve and how you are improving their worlds. Think about that self-centered friend and then ask yourself: how is a prospective customer, employee or strategic partner supposed to connect with your company if they can’t even relate to you?

Here’s a simple formula to keep in mind: Relationships + Results = Revenue. So, what does this mean? In order to connect with your target audiences — whether customers, employees, strategic partners, resellers, distributors, or some other audience — highlight the relationships that you already have. Let these relationships speak for you. For example, if you’re trying to be relatable to prospective customers, showcase what you’ve achieved for your existing customers in mini-case studies or customer vignettes.

Within these mini-case studies or customer vignettes, cite specific results. Did you help them save money? Expand their business? Improve safety? Reach new markets? Highlight the results you achieved for them in a way that will resonate with prospective customers.

Instead of pontificating about how wonderful your company is, emphasize your existing relationships and the results you have achieved in a creative manner. This will drive revenue because it’s proof that working with your company is a worthwhile experience.

Here is how we used the Relationships + Revenue = Results formula for our client, RouteSmart Technologies, as the cornerstone of their marketing strategy:

The billboard on RouteSmart’s homepage is centered around results-oriented customer vignettes in each of their four vertical markets.

RouteSmart’s website contains a robust Success Center where visitors can view videos and read case studies about their customer successes.



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