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Marketing Insights: May 2013




We often hear a similar story from new clients: “I’m not sure if search engine optimization is right for us.” And, we get it. It’s not tangible. It’s hard to digest. It’s not an easy process to understand even for those of us that do it every day. It’s technical, it’s confusing and it is also the most important aspect of your website.

Think about it for a minute. How do you find information? Where is the first place you go? When someone tells you something you don’t necessarily believe, what do you say? “I’m going to Google it!” It’s true. It’s our life. So, when someone needs your services or your products, you better make sure that when they search for it, your website is ranked at the top of that page otherwise you have just lost potential business.

First, it’s important to understand what keywords are relevant to your prospective customers. What queries are they using to find your company and/or services and products related to your company’s offerings? Once you understand what your customers are searching for, you can develop your website’s architecture strategically by: (1) adding pages of content tailored to these keywords and (2) ensuring your website will convert visitors to leads by having the right calls-to-action on your site.

Did you know that Google looks for “high-quality” websites by determining if the content is rich and useful for users? Here are some questions to help you assess your website’s quality.

Your website is much more than just space on the Internet. It can be your most affordable, effective marketing and business development tool. Let Pomerantz help unlock the potential of your website. Contact us today for a complimentary online strategy assessment.

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