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Marketing Insights: June 2013




People are constantly seeking information that can help them in their lives and in their businesses. Developing a solid content strategy, to ensure you are actually saying something, is the key to a successful inbound marketing campaign. Inbound or “pull” marketing focuses on putting valuable information in front of your target audiences, in environments where they are receptive to your message. While it’s no quick fix that will generate leads overnight, over time, a successful inbound marketing campaign can establish your company as a thought-leader, and can double the number of qualified leads coming to your website.

Here are three fundamental rules we follow when developing inbound marketing campaigns for our clients:

1. Develop an engaging content strategy: What valuable information can you provide to your target audience? The content should be related to your business but should never overemphasize the sale. The key is to develop informative, authoritative information that engages visitors.

2. Reach your target market online: Once you’ve developed your content strategy, determine how to get it in front of your target audiences when they are most receptive. Identify your target audiences and how they seek information. Do they visit certain industry blogs regularly? Attend tradeshows and conferences that hold sessions or roundtables around your company’s expertise?  How do they like to receive information? Through Facebook? Emails? Webinars?

3. Rigorously track & monitor the effectiveness of your campaign: Your homepage or landing page content should speak directly to the groups you are trying to drive to your website. Tracking mechanisms should be in place to track the effectiveness of every single online and offline lead generation tactic. The days of guessing what works and what doesn’t are long gone!

Next month we’ll share our tips for converting visitors into leads, and how to nurture your leads.

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