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Marketing Insights: August 2013

There’s a lot of talk in the marketing world about converting visitors to leads. It sounds fabulous. You build a website, people visit it and then (voilå!) they give you their contact information and want to buy a ton of stuff from you. If only it were that easy.

So, what does it really take to transform web traffic into revenue? The key is valuable content or, as we like to call it at Pomerantz, “inquiry bait.”

If you are able to offer website visitors something that is truly valuable to them, they will in exchange provide you with details about themselves.

This content or “inquiry bait” could take a variety of forms, including:

1. A white paper that provides insight into a predicament troubling your potential customer  

2. A survey that they complete on-the-spot and that instantly provides them with input on a concern that is relevant to them

3. A complimentary webinar, consultancy session, etc. about a topic that is likely to interest your target group

4. A study or report that provides them with data super relevant to their industry

5. An infographic that encapsulates information that is timely and interesting in their industry

Keep in mind that the goal is to not be self-serving in the inquiry bait that you are serving up. The idea is to educate then sell. Once you have a visitor’s contact information in your database, don’t bombard them with sales calls or emails unless they have specified that they have an immediate need or interest. Take baby steps and keep nurturing the relationship by offering them more nuggets of your wisdom. When their need for your products or services is real, you will be the first one that comes to their mind because the insights they have gleaned from you have been both useful and effective.

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