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Marketing Insights: October 2013

Continuing our five-part series on types of inquiry bait that can help you convert website visitors into leads, this month we will do a deeper dive on surveys. Surveys (or quizzes or questionnaires, as they are often called) embedded on key pages within your website can help you generate leads and grow your email list.

Most people enjoy taking short quizzes about themselves in exchange for some insight and information. Think ‘What’s Your Superhero Name?’ quizzes. While we don’t necessarily suggest putting that type of survey up on your website, developing short, relevant surveys that provide immediate insight based on responses can be a great way to reach potential customers and build up your marketing database.

Here are some tips for creating a survey for your website:

1. Decide on a fun or informative topic that’s relevant to your industry. In order to generate leads, the survey must be compelling and promise to provide information that your target audience finds valuable. If you are a landscaping supply company, a good topic might be “Which mulch is right for you?” If you own an animal hospital, you might ask “Is your dog out of shape?” This will help to drive relevant and interested leads to your website.

2. Create your survey. Write the questions for your survey (keep it short – about 3-5 questions) and determine which answers will lead to each result. There are several tools (i.e. Survey Monkey, PollSnack, and Formstack) available to help you build custom forms for your website that will allow you to set up the conditional logic to lead certain fields to the various results of your survey. Make sure email is a required field in your form!

3. Promote your survey. Be sure to optimize your survey with keywords so it shows up in search results, and promote your survey through social media and through email to your marketing database. If you have partners or vendors, ask them if they’d be willing to post the survey on their website as well. The survey is a value-add that will drive traffic to their site(s), but will showcase your company logo and ultimately drive leads to your website. It’s a win-win!

4. Follow up with people who complete your survey. Develop an email campaign providing an e-book, video, or other value-add that is relevant to the survey and deploy about one week after someone completes the survey. Include a call-to-action that encourages them to sign up for a free trial of your product or a coupon/special offer.

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