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This Week’s Insight: Conquer Your Greatest Marketing Challenge


…And Turn Your Marketing Into a More Effective Revenue Generator

Every marketer faces different challenges. Some marketers are stuck on lead generation, while others have trouble converting leads into customers, and some just can’t seem to generate enough traffic to their website in the first place.

The key to moving the needle in 2015 is being crystal clear about what your greatest marketing challenge is and having a strategic plan for conquering it.

Here are three of the most common challenges today’s marketers face along with some insight into potential solutions:

Generating Awareness and Driving Traffic
Why It’s a Challenge: Before you can start generating leads for your sales team to convert into customers, you have to actually get people interested in your business, product, or service. Many marketers face the challenge of not having a large enough volume of interested prospects, while others just don’t know which channels they should focus their efforts on for the highest return.

Solution: In order to attract a higher volume of interested prospects, you need to generate more awareness through the various channels you have available to you. Do you have a business blog? Are you creating educational content to provide value to prospects, whether it be to help them solve a problem or teach them more about your industry? Use a variety of tools to widen the top of your marketing funnel, and spread awareness about your business. Then, use analytics to determine which channels are performing best so you can focus your efforts accordingly.

Targeting Effectively
Why It’s a Challenge: To be more effective at reaching the right audience, one of the first things to do is define an ideal customer persona to determine who it is you should be marketing to. Then, your message needs to provide some sort of value to this potential customer. It can fulfill a need or desire or alleviate a business problem. The main thing is to ensure that your message and the value you provide are as relevant to your audience as possible. It’s not easy to pull this kind of alignment off.

Solution: First, develop a detailed picture of your target audience. The best way to understand your audience is to build customer personas with these three steps: segment by demographics, identify their needs, and develop behavior-based profiles. Once you have established your customer personas, determine what each one is looking for and how you can provide value to that persona. Segmenting your audience appropriately will allow you to target your content more closely to make your message relevant to every individual lead.

Keeping Up with Marketing Trends
Why It’s a Challenge: The game of marketing is changing everyday and it’s hard for even the savviest marketing professionals to stay on top of everything. And, while technology has introduced new tools that make communication with potential customers more efficient and effective, getting a grasp on what really makes sense for your business can be overwhelming.

Solution: The key to effective marketing is knowing where your audience is, how to provide value to them, and what the best tools and methods are for doing so. Invest some time into reading about the latest developments in the industry from high-authority marketing blogs. Access some of the free educational content that’s out there and learn more about a component of your marketing that could use some strengthening. Focus on one new strategy/tactic per quarter and then analyze the effectiveness before moving onto something new.

If you need some help defining a strategy for conquering your greatest marketing challenge, Pomerantz is here to help. Contact us today >

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