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This Week’s Insight: High Priority, High Impact

Ask Your Sales Team What They Really Need

As a marketing agency, our focus is helping our clients align their marketing programs with their business goals. We meet with Directors of Marketing, CEOs, CMOs, and VPs who are often out of touch with what the people who are selling their products and services really need in order to succeed. To our dismay, we see so many companies with a large disconnect between sales and marketing. It’s mystifying. And, quite likely, a big waste of marketing dollars.

We believe it’s crucial for marketing decision-makers to be dialed into their sales teams, and find out what’s working, what’s not, and what they feel they need in order to bring home the bacon. In fact, we think of this as a top priority in all marketing planning. If you have a sales team that is hurting, your sales are also taking a hit.

As you embark on 2015, here are some questions to ask your sales team in order to define a list of high priority, high impact activities and tools that will help them hit the ground running:

  • What are the top three sources of your new business inquiries/leads?
  • Where do you think 2015 efforts should be focused in terms of lead generation?
  • Do you have access to the lists you need for business development?
  • Do you have the sales tools you need to support your efforts (scripts, emails, elevator speech, presentations, marketing collateral, etc.)?
  • Do your sales tools need to be updated? Are they current and effective?
  • What is your wish list for marketing to support your sales efforts?

If you need help facilitating the conversation between marketing and sales, we’re here to help. Contact us today >

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