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It’s a Wonder How I Ever Lived Without Wunderlist

A Powerful To-Do List App That Has Changed My World

How do you manage your to-do lists? Are you a paper person who writes your lists on post-its, an organizer, or any old piece of paper that’s around? I used to be strictly a paper person. It was messy and a lot of work … even when I wrote in pencil. I’d spend a good chunk of my morning trying to get order around my to-do list before I could tackle the day. What a big waste of time.

A couple of years ago, we were looking for a tool where we could keep our own to-do lists and also share project to-do lists within our team. We did some scouting around to see what tools were out there and stumbled across Wunderlist. Touted as the “easiest way to get stuff done,” Wunderlist is available for free on pretty much every type of device and platform. I use it to organize project to-do items (both home and business) as well as my everyday to-do list.

Here are a few examples of how I use it. On a daily basis, I enter to-dos in what is called the “Inbox.” They then show up in my grand list of to-dos. I can indicate when I want to address a to-do item by assigning a due date to it. I start each day by clicking on the “Today” list to see what kind of insanity I’ve assigned for myself to do that day. I go through the list and assess what I think is realistic and move the tasks I think aren’t doable to other days. Then, I print out my “Today” list and write my schedule of events on it. I still need a piece of paper to guide my day. Some people can do it all electronically. Not me. But I love being able to store my to-do lists in the cloud and access them from any device or computer I’m signed into.

During the day, I handwrite any new to-dos that come up on my printed list, and cross off the things I’ve accomplished. At the end of the day, I open Wunderlist and check off the things I’ve completed. It makes a nice bell noise each time I check something off which I like a lot. Then, I add on the new stuff I wrote down all day and assign dates to it. Important to note, I only allow myself to have a one-page to-do list every day. If it’s going onto two pages, I adjust things before I print it out. Another thing to note is that I mix my business and personal stuff together in my to-do list so “pick-up dry cleaning” is right in there with “write blog.”

There’s a zillion ways you can use Wunderlist for work and life. My husband and I share a list of projects we need to do around our house. Every quarter or so, we pull up our list and figure out what we need to be doing so we can divide and conquer. It’s great being able to keep this list somewhere that we can easily access anytime and anywhere including my iPhone or iPad when we’re at Home Depot.

If you’re looking for to-do list peace of mind, I highly recommend checking out Wunderlist. I love it and so does everyone at our agency!

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