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This Week’s Insight: Online Marketing is Like Marriage

If You Aren’t Committed, it’s Not Going To Work

When we meet with prospective clients and talk to them about online marketing and how it can be a highly effective way to turn on the lead generation faucet, their eyes light up. They love the idea of more leads magically pouring in. Who wouldn’t?

Then we explain to them that they need to be prepared to commit to online marketing like a marriage. They must be willing to work at it regularly, even when they don’t see anything happening and don’t feel like meeting with us to figure out new things to try. We tell them that for their online marketing to work well, they can’t just outsource it to us, tune out and expect results. It needs to be a collaborative, creative relationship — just like marriage.

We scare some prospective clients away with this and that’s okay, because not every business is ready to make this commitment. Then, there are the ones that say they are willing to commit. They typically start off strong and check out because they’re too busy. Their flow of leads ultimately turns to a trickle and they scratch their heads wondering what happened.

And then there are the clients that just “get it”. They make the time to work with us to feed their online marketing machine. They are curious, interested, engaged and adventurous about exploring new things in the online realm. They enjoy the challenge and reap the rewards. They are Committed with a Capital C.

If your company is considering exploring the possibilities of online marketing, be prepared to spend about a year getting the machine up and running. This is what it takes to really start seeing the fruits of your efforts. But once you do, it’s a beautiful thing and you’ll want to keep working at it. Just like marriage :)

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