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This Week’s Insight: Work Hacks

Shortcuts for Staying on Top of Your Game

As someone who lived in Key West, Florida for three years after college, I have a side of me that really struggles to keep up with the intensity and pace of today’s work world. Some days I yearn to toss my MacBook, iPhone and iPad into the Chesapeake Bay to escape the constant deluge of information overload. But luckily, there’s the other side of me that flourishes in the creative energy of a bustling marketing agency. Good thing, right?

Years ago, one of the designers at our agency told me about I thought the concept was so cool — a website you can visit to find shortcuts for just about every area of life. If you haven’t seen this site before, definitely check it out. Anyway, this triggered a hacker-like mentality for me that has evolved over the years and helps me stay on top of my game, while maintaining my sanity.

Here are a few of my work hacks that may be useful to you:

Learn While I Burn
At least once a week, I watch an on-demand webinar or two (depending on length) on my iPad while I torch calories on the elliptical trainer. I wear noise canceling headphones so I get fully immersed in what I am watching. Most recently, I learned how to maximize my connections on LinkedIn for business development. I put some strategies into play last week and they resulted in two very worthwhile new business opportunities that I am now working. Calories burned, potential money earned. It’s a win-win!

Morning Contemplation Time
As a woman, I have an involved routine that I must embark on every morning before I successfully launch myself out the door. Quite often, I have some sort of problem or challenge that I must figure out in order to help my staff keep the wheels turning. So while I am in getting ready mode, I pick a topic or two to contemplate and mentally walk through them. This way, once I get to the office, I can address the matter quickly and move onto whatever is next.

Move It While You Talk (or Listen)
Once or twice a week, I work from home. The truth of the matter is that I get more done in a day at home than a week at the office — one of the realities of having your own business. Anyway, I still have my share of conference calls from my home office so I put on my headset and do laps around our family room while on calls. It feels so much better than sitting at my desk. I’m more energized both mentally and physically. If you can’t do laps but have a headset, try doing stretches and squats while on calls. You will be amazed at how much more alive you feel!

What are some of your Work Hacks? I’d love to hear them. Reach out to me at or 410.216.9447 x 106.

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