Case Study Corporate Network Services


Corporate Network Services, a leading managed service provider in the Mid-Atlantic region.


Corporate Network Services (CNS) gets the importance of keeping their web presence fresh and relevant. Pomerantz designed and developed their site for them four years ago and they had since outgrown the image and messaging that they were presenting to the world. They were ready to take their web presence to the next level and get serious about Internet marketing.


1. Take a look from the outside in: In order to understand how CNS had evolved, Pomerantz conducted an audit of the company’s offerings, target audiences, opportunities, goals, etc. in order to see what needed to change. We also gained insight into the managed service provider business model and reviewed several competitor websites to understand the lay of the land.

2. Find out where you stand: Next, we provided a baseline analysis of where CNS stood in terms of search engine rankings against key competitors.

3. Craft the vision: A site map was created to determine the information architecture of the site. From this, we designed a new user interface that effectively communicates CNS’s brand and offerings, and is customer-focused.

4. Optimize for success: While the site was being developed, content was written and optimized with a targeted list of keywords. Then, the backend of the site was optimized using best practices in order to ensure the site is accessible by search engines.

5. Launch and learn: The site was launched and search engine rankings are being monitored on a monthly basis. CNS understands that increasing rankings with search engines is an ongoing process and is now embarking on regular optimization, online public relations, pay per click and social marketing initiatives.


CNS has found that accessibility and looks do, in fact, matter when it comes to their website. Since the new site has been launched, they have landed several new client meetings from companies that have found them online and were impressed by their website. They are on a mission to continue generating leads of this nature and are launching several targeted campaigns to drive traffic to their site and convert visitors into qualified leads.

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