Case Study Crisis Commander


Crisis Commander, the exclusive North American reseller of the award-winning crisis management and business continuity software


Crisis Commander’s new business pipeline was running dry. Having relied mainly on networking at trade shows and referrals, Crisis Commander’s website was sadly neglected. They also lacked a focused lead generation strategy so when the economy faltered, they ran out of warm leads.


1. Fix Crisis Commander’s website pronto: Pomerantz made the Crisis Commander website modern, customer-focused, search-engine friendly and interactive — all in less than 6 weeks.

2. Focus: Since most companies only have so much time and resources, quite often focusing on one or a few verticals is most effective. We helped Crisis Commander secure an email list of influencers and decision-makers related to business continuity and risk management in the insurance industry.

3. Craft a hard-hitting campaign: Then, we crafted an all-text email campaign that was short and sweet and emotion provoking. It drove recipients to a landing page where they could watch a video, access a case study and schedule a demo.

4. Watch and act quickly: Using our email marketing system, we watched how recipients interacted with the campaign. If they opened the email but didn’t register for a demo, we called them within a day and used our persuasive powers to schedule a demo.

5. Follow up, follow up: We stayed on task with our follow up efforts and lined up more demos than Crisis Commander could handle — a good thing.


We are now using the insurance campaign as a template for other verticals with modifications including the promotion of a webinar series. Crisis Commander’s pipeline is now quite full. They now see the importance of having a strong web presence and a lead generation program that is consistently running.

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