Maximize Your Marketing Mix

Integrated marketing is more than just having a consistent look and feel to all of your marketing materials. It is the process of linking together all of your marketing tactics to enhance their effectiveness.

For example, let’s say that Joe’s Widgets just spent $10k on a new website. Now that the site is up, Joe sits back and waits for the money to roll in. Mary’s Widgets, Joe’s biggest competitor, sees Joe’s new website and gets her company hooked up with a new website too. She hires someone to optimize it so the search engines can find it and makes sure her web address is everywhere — on her letterhead, business cards, brochures, t-shirts and golf balls. Then, she conducts a direct mail and email campaign promoting a widget webinar. All recipients have to do is register for the webinar on her website and once they attend, they’re entered into a contest to win an iPhone. Now Mary has a great database of prospects to pursue.

Which company is more likely to get a better return on investment from their website? (By the way, Joe just went out of business).

Integrated Marketing — A Necessity

Today, if you aren’t integrating both online and offline marketing tactics as part of your overall strategic marketing plan, you’re wasting time and money. To achieve maximum return on investment, all of your tactics must work together as one. Achieving this is not complicated, but it requires stepping back and taking a hard look at what you’re doing and identifying where the connections can be made. Pomerantz can help.

We specialize in IT marketing solutions, business-to-business and business-to-consumer campaigns as well as channel marketing programs. Our award-winning integrated marketing solutions include:

  • Integrated marketing consultation
  • Integrated marketing strategy
  • Development of integrated marketing plans
  • Lead management consulting
  • Concept development
  • Content development
  • Campaign design, creation and dissemination
  • Creation and implementation of landing pages
  • PURL (personalized URL) campaigns
  • Social marketing strategy and implementation
  • Analytics

Mix it up with an integrated marketing approach. Contact us today.