Lead Generation

Effective sales lead generation today is about knowing — not guessing — which programs create more sales opportunities that will grow your business.

Why Guess if You Can Know?
Business-to-business marketing has changed. Today’s tracking technologies, employed to their full potential, enable savvy marketers to know in real-time exactly which channels and marketing programs are most cost-effectively creating new leads. Both on the web and off-line, you can now know which specific campaigns, which events, which website features and even which specific keywords make the phone and the cash register ring, and what each new lead costs to generate. Despite the enormous value of this new closed feedback loop for better marketing resources allocation, many businesses are still guessing about which of their marketing programs are truly delivering results and end up spending their precious marketing budgets in ways that don’t maximize new leads and sales.

How Savvy Is Your Lead Generation Program?
Unsure if you have the detailed information you need to increase your new sales leads?

Ask yourself…

  • Do we track exactly which of our online marketing programs generates each lead and at exactly what cost per lead?
  • When the phone rings do we know whether it was our website, a directory listing, an email campaign, a printed mailer or last month’s trade show booth that created that call?
  • Is our company website designed to funnel and track visitors through a range of sales lead behaviors?
  • Do we track print-to-web behavior: Are we set-up to measure how much our off-line marketing drives visitors and new leads at the website?
  • When we close new sales from phone inquiries do we track exactly what keywords the new clients searched at Google before calling so that we can increase targeting of similar searchers?
  • Are we even aware that all this is possible?

If you don’t answer yes to all these questions, there is probably much more you could be doing to improve the results and efficiency of your B2B lead generation strategies.

What Kinds of Impacts Can it Have?
This, of course, depends on your business but here are a few examples of what we’ve been doing for clients:

  • More Leads. Less Cost. For an international healthcare company Pomerantz recently created sophisticated web and phone inquiry behavior tracking to refine targeting based on what actually generates new sales leads. The result has been an online lead generation effort that over the past 12 months has consistently increased sales leads by 200% while simultaneously reducing average per lead cost by 63%, both metrics far out-pacing all previous results. More leads. Smarter spending.
  • Wasted Spending Eliminated. For a multi-state services company relying historically on an even mix of printed and online marketing, Pomerantz created on/off-line tracking and analysis methodologies that exposed dramatic spending inefficiencies and that lead to a complete re-think and re-allocation of the full marketing budget based on a more accurate understanding of which programs cost-effectively drive sales. Wasted spending was quickly eliminated and online sales are 150% compared to last year. They just needed to know where to invest.
  • A Third More Sales. For a Mid-Atlantic delivery company Pomerantz recently restructured the website to reduce bounce, redesigned the targeting and reach of their search marketing and over-hauled email marketing based on carefully designed split-testing. Results so far have included an online sales increase of 36% while reducing the marketing spend by 23%. The tools were in place. They needed to be tuned based on what works.

Pomerantz: Business Minded Creative Professionals
Helping businesses employ the right marketing programs to generate more sales leads is what Pomerantz is all about. Not sure whether you need a new website, printed mailers, search marketing, better event materials, smarter email marketing or something else? We do all of those very well. Helping you know — not guess — which will generate more new leads for you is where we outshine the competition.

If your business could benefit from a more results-based lead-generation strategy we’d be happy to discuss possibilities. Contact us>