Where Form Meets Function

Sometimes static words and images aren’t enough to get your point across effectively. Maybe you need to demonstrate how a product solves a multitude of complex problems. Or, you need a sales presentation that isn’t flat and has some pop and sizzle. Or, perhaps you want to combine video, print and website elements into a leave-behind CD. Whatever the case may be, Pomerantz’s creative and interactive teams can energize your content and bring it to life in an animated, engaging environment for online delivery, CD distribution or kiosks.

Our custom multimedia design services include:

  • Strategic direction
  • Recommendation of appropriate technologies
  • Content development
  • Sound, animation, video and interactivity
  • Logo animation
  • Product demos
  • Flash introductions
  • Interactive banner ads
  • Interactive sales presentations
  • Flash press kits
  • Internet commercials
  • Special effects
  • Flimps

Let Pomerantz add some energy to your mission-critical sales content. Contact us today for a Complimentary Online Strategy Assessment.