Increased traffic. Increased revenue potential.

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns can bring qualified traffic to your website in a flash. Using a strategic online marketing approach, Pomerantz-managed PPC campaigns will bring you high quality leads that will convert to more revenue in less time. Picture your sales team calling not just more leads, but better leads.

Want to drive traffic to a landing page with a special offer? Looking to increase e-commerce sales? Need more leads? Our dedicated PPC experts will create a campaign specifically tailored to your target audience, goals, and budget. Then, we will continue to optimize your campaign so you can see a higher ROI month after month. Plus, Pomerantz will manage your campaign and keep you up-to-date on the performance of your marketing dollars.

Our Pay Per Click packages include:

  • Keyword development and research – extensive keyword research focused on finding the right mix of low cost, high volume keywords that will deliver qualified traffic and conversions
  • Landing page consultation – our online marketing experts will share recommendations for improving existing landing pages and best practices for creating new landing pages
  • Campaign strategy outline – includes a preview of your campaign structure, optimized keywords, compelling ad copy, landing pages, and geo-targeting information
  • PPC account set up – we will create and set up your PPC accounts and provide you with direct access so you can check in on the account performance any time
  • Tracking and reporting –Google Analytics and PPC conversion tracking will be set up and tested so performance can be tracked down to the keyword level; live campaign stats and traffic data will be provided to you along with a monthly performance report containing actionable campaign insights
  • Ongoing optimization – we will zero in on the keywords, ads, and campaigns that are bringing results and build on that success; we’ll adapt your campaign to what’s working and cut out what’s not
  • Campaign management – Pomerantz will professionally manage your campaign to ensure that your marketing dollars are yielding a positive ROI and the performance is measuring up to your goals

Think PPC Advertising is Too Expensive?

Think again. PPC campaigns can work for almost any business or budget. Pomerantz has experienced PPC marketers who know how to beat competitors in the paid search auction environment. We can also create campaigns that only appear to prospects in certain locations during certain times of the day. You can then reach hard-to-find prospects at the precise point when they are looking for information about your product or service.

To maximize exposure in the search engines, the most effective online marketing strategies combine SEO and PPC. Let Pomerantz show you the results of using one of the most powerful sales and lead generation tools available.

How well is your site performing? Contact us today for a Complimentary Online Strategy Assessment or to learn more about our PPC packages.

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