Making It Easy To “Go Social”

Social networking is the cultural phenomenon of people with common interests building relationships and sharing content published by themselves and other users. Social marketing is a cost-effective way to reach the millions of people seeking out and linking to information pertaining to your brand, products, or services — your potential customers.

How Does Social Marketing Generate Leads for Your Business?

With a social marketing strategy incorporating Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, and other tools, you can find and nurture new leads while staying connected to your industry contacts. Pomerantz will not only help you define and execute a social marketing strategy tailored to your overall goals, we’ll show you the ropes — including rules of engagement, how to moderate or respond to the good and bad commentary, and how to grow your audience.

Here’s How It Works:

Pomerantz focuses on social profile development and relationship-building strategies to tap into target communities, engage social influencers, and drive qualified individuals to your website. We work with your internal teams to gain intimate knowledge of your products, services and operations so you can be confident that Pomerantz is delivering messages that are consistent with your brand.

Our social marketing experts create LinkedIn groups to distribute industry news and events, press releases, white papers, and your blog feed to ensure your content is visible to all professional network connections. Our effective social marketing plan for Twitter involves quickly building a base of relevant followers, and then regularly engaging the community by promoting featured projects, events, and news. Facebook offers even more — by building an active group of Facebook users and providing them with interesting information, a new channel of potential customers can be established. And that’s just the beginning…

Pomerantz’s social media packages include:

  • Social marketing strategy – our experts start with an evaluation of relevant social networking sites so we can zero-in on the best social channels and online communities available for reaching your potential customers
  • Competitive analysis – we’ll take a look at what your competitors are doing so we can build on what’s resonating with your target audience
  • Profile creation – we create custom company profiles that include blog feeds and other valuable applications on targeted social networks and social bookmarking sites
  • Creative content development and promotion – we’ll create valuable content incorporating target keyword phrases to filter relevant social media traffic to your website on an ongoing basis
  • Social media monitoring and interaction – your company will have a dedicated community manager who will keep a finger on the pulse of the conversions related to your brand and services
  • Tracking and reporting – we use advanced technologies and tools to track social marketing interactions and we provide monthly reports that shows you results and highlights how our efforts are increasing your bottom line
  • Ongoing social marketing – we’ll help you further capitalize on your social marketing strategy by providing ongoing community management; we also offer consulting and training so your team can take on an active role in the social networks

Search engines value inbound links from social platforms, so Pomerantz’s social marketing services also bolster your SEO efforts by improving overall search engine visibility and rankings, ultimately increasing your organic website traffic. We’ll even show you how to promote your social media profiles on your website or blog for even wider reach.

Whether your target market is b2b or b2c, social marketing can strengthen your brand, improve customer relationships, build customer loyalty, and help you network with potential partners. Corporate social media marketing allows you to dialog with existing and potential clients while promoting positive feedback to the rest of your audience — that’s what we call cheap, effective PR.

Ready to dial in to a new audience? Contact us today for a Complimentary Online Strategy Assessment or to learn more about our social marketing packages.

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