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The question we are asked time and time again is “how often does a company really need to change its website design?” Here’s the simple answer: every two to three years. While it’s easy to think that a website should be able to last as long as a favorite pair of jeans, that’s just not the case. The Internet is an ever-changing business environment and website design styles change as rapidly as the technology used to build them. If your site looks like it was created two or three years ago, you may be losing opportunities simply because your online presence seems out of touch and outdated. When it comes to the web, looks matter. Contemporary and professional means credible.

Pomerantz’s team of award-winning, SEO-minded web designers will elevate your company’s web presence to a totally new level. Our proven processes merge with our expertise in strategy, design, technology and online marketing so that every website we create not only has the “wow” factor but is aligned with the psychology of how visitors interact with a site. The result? Visitors become leads.

Bring Your Brand to Life Online

Pomerantz can help you define the information architecture design for your site, update your brand positioning strategy, and create an interface design for your site that has a unique theme and messaging that seamlessly dovetails with your marketing strategy. We can assist you with content development, content optimization and complete web development of your site using a content management system. Or, if you have internal IT/web resources, we can provide you with the source files for your new site design so you can execute the development of your site in-house.

Once your new site is up, we can make its presence known with an online marketing strategy focused on achieving your lead generation and conversion goals.

Give your website the respect it deserves. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable web design and SEO services.

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