Educate, Then Sell

Webinars are an extremely effective marketing tactic, yet surprisingly, they have relatively low saturation in terms of usage. Most companies want to go straight for the sale and don’t realize that educating their target audience about their product and/or service offerings is the best way to win their trust. Plus, with sales cycles growing longer and longer, webinars are an excellent way to continue the dialog with prospective customers by keeping them interested and engaged.

Pomerantz will show you how to make webinars a winning tool in your marketing mix. We can assist you with designing and deploying a webinar campaign from end-to-end. Or, if you have internal IT/web resources, we can develop the marketing and webinar content for you and provide you with the source files so you can execute your campaign in-house.

Pomerantz’s webinar marketing services include:

  • Theming
  • Strategy
  • Content development
  • Vendor selection
  • Event marketing and registration
  • Webinar presentation
  • Post-event marketing

Learn how to make webinars an effective part of your marketing mix. Contact us today for a Complimentary Online Strategy Assessment.