An Integrated Approach is Key

There was a time, many, many moons ago, when you could send out a bunch of postcards to a list of customers and prospects and expect a decent response rate. Not anymore. These days, there are no one-hit wonder direct mail campaigns.

Staying front and center with your target audience requires a year-round, sustained effort made up of multiple tactics, potentially including direct mailers as part of the mix. And, as far as your lists are concerned, the key to true success is having a foolproof lead management system in place, complete with a CRM. This way, your lists are your lists and you can count on them being clean, current and campaign-worthy.

Every direct mail campaign that Pomerantz creates is a part of an integrated strategy. This means that for our campaigns, we combine highly targeted direct mail pieces, usually a series of direct mailers, with email versions of the pieces so that e-marketing is done in tandem with each direct mail drop. We also insist on incorporating valuable, worthwhile calls-to-action into all direct mail campaigns and driving recipients to either a landing page or microsite armed with back-end analytics so we can measure and manage lead conversions. Call it direct mail on steroids—Pomerantz’s award-winning direct mail campaigns produce results.

Our award-winning direct mail campaigns include:

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