Present a Unified Front

Once you’ve made contact with a prospective customer, you need to be armed with the rights tools to help close the sale. These tools must be consistent with your overall brand image, messaging and web presence and demonstrate the same level of professionalism. And, you need to be prepared with the right mix of printed versus electronic materials because you can’t exactly leave behind a PDF at an on-site meeting, trade show or networking event. Pomerantz’s team of strategists will work with you to define the appropriate mix of marketing tools. We ask the hard questions so that we understand your sales cycle and the influencers and decision-makers that you need to impress along the line.

Pomerantz can assist you in all aspects of content development, graphic design production, and printing services or support specific needs as they arise, including:

  • Marketing kit and sales materials (pocket folder and inserts)
  • Brochure collateral, catalogs and publications (print and PDF formats)
  • Datasheets, whitepapers and case studies (print and PDF formats)
  • Presentation development (PowerPoint and Keynote)
  • Electronic template development
  • Visual aids (poster, signs, etc.)

Arm yourself with the tools needed to close the deal. Contact us today.

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